Well something happened, all the way back in August we launched $SHIB as an experiment in decentralization to see if it would really work, with me the deployer putting zero $ into marketing or anything else and doing a fair launch keeping no tokens for myself. (as of today I own no tokens as I bought a little and sold a little, but kept nothing for this massive pump)

Well in august we had a nice wave of hype and was forgotten, but recently with the resurgence of DOGE, SHIB has caught fire and is threatening to turn over the…

Hello, I am Ryoshi, who I am is not very important and in a few moments you will understand why. I will give you a short background that I am an independent trader of cryptocurrency for a couple of years and have always been fascinated about the genesis of decentralized communities.

To be specific, to what degree are they seeded and guided by invisible hands or can they really grow from seed to something perpetual and 100% community owned in the same way we see BTC or DOGE with no central figure or organization maintaining.

Since crypto is all about…


$SHIB Founder

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