Introducing $LEASH — High %APR Yield Farmed Token that Rebases to DOGE

As many of you know, SHIBA started over a month ago as a decentralized experiment in community building.

When we started SHIBA INU, simply put we

1 — minted some tokens using a public token generator(actually the largest possible mathematical supply of tokens)

2 — put 10 ETH vs all the tokens on a Uniswap Curve

3 — Threw Keys and 50% of supply to Vitalik (same as burning)

See this post for the full history

Now we enter the new Generation of LEASH

$LEASH is a Rebase Token that rebases to 1000x the price of DOGE (put Doge on a leash HAHA)

You can see the price of DOGE here:

which at time of writing is 0.00286145 so that would mean that 1 LEASH will rebase to $2.8

This will happen once a day after we start rebase (next week) so the amount of LEASH in your wallet will go UP and DOWN everyday. If you want to understand more the mechanics of it, then read the AMPLEFORTH Redbook as we just forked their code and had it rebase to DOGE instead of $1.

Now how to get LEASH, right now we are in a limited time YIELD Farm which is giving out most of the LEASH in only 3 days (right now we are 1 day already )

There are actually two pools. One of them is for staking SHIB and you get LEASH.

The other one is you Add liquidity to the LEASH/ETH pool and stake the Liquidity token and get more LEASH.

This is important because it creates a strong trading enviroment for LEASH, plus you get to keep all the fees. :-)

Ok. So how to stake?

1 — go to

2- Click the Distribute TAB.

3- First you will need to “approve your SHIB” that will be 1 tx

4- Then you need to STAKE your SHIB. most people do all of it.

5- You will see LEASH number go up

6- You can withdraw your SHIB and LEASH at same time or just “harvest” LEASH

(note. ETH gas can be weird, some point sometimes get reports of 5 ETH gas fee requests. This is because of network. Don’t pay this to stake. At fast network, cost should be $5, at slow network, maybe $40)

also if you have issue with interface, try to remove decimals, so stake 4324234234234 instead of 43254324532432.43214324324

Then when we open up Liquidity pool, you do this

1 — Goto Uniswap LEASH/ETH pool here

2 — Click “add liquidity” (it is in top right)

3 — you will need both ETH and LEASH in your wallet. It will balance them in equal amounts.

4- after Transaction confirms, when the Liquidity staking is open on you can go there and stake your “UNIV2” token (it will now magically be in your wallet and you will get more LEASH

That is it!. here are important links


Trade LEASH here

TRADE SHIB Here (you need SHIB to stake)



$SHIB Founder

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