Phase 1 complete. Shiba Becomes more Decentralized.

From a macro view, a “blockchain” is a collection of entities that all have a shared interest in perpetuating a decentralized organism.

The way that we currently understand blockchain best is some “computer nodes” or miners such as BTC or ETH uses where they more or less take turns proposing “blocks” which give a snapshot of the truth at that exact moment moment in time. Other nodes in the network will agree in consensus and it becomes fact as they move on to the next. The past then shapes the present as the present shapes the future.

When we zoom out, we can understand that this blockchain concept is actually the concept of life. As human organisms we are constantly “proposing blocks” through our words, actions or thoughts — some of those being accepted as truth by other participants in our circles.

Specifically with Shiba, we are not a computer blockchain per-say, we are just some Erc-20 that lives on the Ethereum blockchain, however the “Shiba META” is a chain in itself with endless points of entry and proposal, including community, tech development, social management and of movements of the actual $SHIB, $LEASH or future Shiba ecosystem tokens.

What happened in the last 24 hours to some may have been shocking and may have induced temporary anxiety or financial shifts (number will go up and sometimes down in crypto) — However looking at the macro view, we can consider this a monumental step forward for the Shiba ecosystem.


When we launched SHIBA last year, the goal was to see if a perpetual decentralized organism could work with no central leadership. Part of this experiment was taking all of the LP and 50% of the supply and sending it to the Woofmeister. This was not a “clean burn” as a burn is a burn, but rather it was a way of indicating that Woofmeister whether he knew (or liked it) or not did in fact have control of a significant consensus in the Shiba META.

We even stated, that there is no greatness within an Achilles heel which is true and even shown in the art form of Kintsugi which embraces the inherent flaws in all things and attempts to mend broken pieces together, sealed with gold.

As Shiba achieved global recognition recently, The Woofmeister likely noticed that he was holding liquid literally half of the entire Shiba supply and decided to “propose a block” — this “block” of his could not be denied as he of course had the “voting power” in the META and he decided to remove his SHIB tokens and redistribute to a new source, namely the India Covid Relief.

These were his keys, his tokens, and we all were aware this could happen and what he did is final and written in the META. He succeeded in removing himself as a node and redistributing the wealth to the charity of his choice. Good.

Where does this leave the Shiba Community.

It did not break us, it made us stronger and because of this we will be able to further distribute and decentralize the movement. Like the broken pottery mended and sealed with gold, we are better than we were before.

I would like to call this event as a powerful precursor for the upcoming launch of ShibaSwap , which due to the power of the Shiba Army will become the primary decentralized exchange for the crypto community. Also know that ShibaSwap and the $BONE governance token (no it is not out yet, don’t be fooled by scams) is just the beginning. The Shiba ecosystem shall flourish a thousand blossoms — creating global means of finance, community and abundance for all.

Hold tight frens, we are early.

Love, Ryoshi.

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Shiba contract # 0x95ad61b0a150d79219dcf64e1e6cc01f0b64c4ce

Leash contract # 0x27C70Cd1946795B66be9d954418546998b546634

Shiba Telegram —

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Lastly remember, unless we announce it, it is not associated with Shiba, there are no “partnerships” — beware of scammers and pretenders, fake twitters, telegrams and discords. there is no “shiba support”, there is no airdrops, there is no links to click and never ever put your seed phrases in anywhere. Shiba is Shiba. we hold the line.




$SHIB and $LEASH Founder

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$SHIB and $LEASH Founder

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